Local childcare provider says more people are badly needed in sector

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary childcare provider has criticised the government’s efforts to encourage people to work in the sector.

Anne Macken, manager of the Early Childhood and Childcare Centre in Ballyporeen says that while extra government supports for the Early Education and Childcare sector are to be welcomed, they need more people to work in the industry to meet demand.

The government announced extra subsidies to childcare providers to lessen the costs of childcare for families in Budget 2023.

Anne says while this is good news, the sector needs more staff to meet current and future demand and people are not being encouraged to take up the career.

“In the Budget I think what annoyed me more than anything was that the FÁS workers only got a €5 raise where people on Social Welfare got €12 – so that doesn’t really encourage.

“Now the guys and the girls we have that work on the FÁS locally they do tremendous work and its because they love their community and what they’re doing that they put so much effort in.”