Lack of political attendance at Nenagh protest highlighted

Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Only two of the county’s elected representatives attended the Nenagh Cost of Living protest at the weekend.

The event was held on Saturday organised by the local branch of the Cost of Living Coalition and saw around 80 to 100 people in attendance.

Damian O’Donoghue local branch member and Nenagh Sinn Féin rep said everyone there was engaged, passionate, and it was the start of something bigger.

However, he told Tipp Today that a number of people were disappointed to see only one councillor and one TD present when so many in the county are in dire straits :

“They were disappointed with the lack of elected reps that showed up to it but Martin Browne was there he spoke and Councillor Seamie Morris, fair play to him came along as well but that was it, some of the other elected reps , meant to be independent, don’t know how independent they are, they weren’t there. Everyone was invited, all the local reps in the area were contacted about it, they were the only ones that showed up.”

He also told Tipp Today that it’s often the unexpected expenses that are the hardest for people to manage:

“I welcome all these measures I welcome them but they are temporary, and it will come home to roost in January February because the €200 you get goes away and you are back where you started, really there is long term sustainable measures that is required to actively tackle poverty in society and inequality in a real way not just sort of putting a plaster over things.”