Labour leader says we need to implement change in the wake of Covid

Photo © Tipp FM

Our priorities have changed completely due to Covid-19 and Labour leader Alan Kelly says society needs to reflect this.

His party is holding the second day of its think-in ahead of the resumption of the Dáil tomorrow.

The Portroe native says the many enforced changes in the way we work have shown what is actually possible.

He says our views on public services, social services and our local community has changed.

“Now that really needs to reflect in how we provide for our people.”

“A single tier health service, education that really is free, options as regards work, protecting people who are working, working from home, not commuting all the time, our environment.”

“We need to relook at everything and that’s what we’ve been discussing. We need effectively a new deal for the people over the next number of years.”