Hospitality sector will need to recruit staff before reopening according to Hotel Federation

Hotel and guesthouse owners in Tipperary and across the country are calling on the Government to clarify what the roadmap for reopening the sector will look like.

With the gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions the hospitality sector will be hoping to welcome guests and tourists when inter-county travel is allowed.

However Aidan Quirke from the South East branch of the Irish Hotels Federation says there will be a lead-in time to reopening.

“You can’t tell us today that we can open tomorrow because obviously staff must come back to the workplace and a certain amount of training must happen.”

“Plus our industry has lost some key members as well because over the last 12 months our staff needed some kind of security and they’ve left the industry to go to secure jobs.”

“So we would need about three weeks’ notice I would think.”