Cahir haulier says truck protest should take different approach

Stock photo (c) Pixabay

A local haulier says the protest in Dublin is poorly timed.

Martin, a truck driver from Cahir, says that the style of the protest was wrong because it impacted on people going to work who are also victims of the rise of living costs.

He says that a major issue is that the groups representing hauliers and the hauliers themselves are divided and should be trying to come together.

Martin says that those involved have just ‘gotten people’s backs up’:
” If they were going to protest without the TDs why didn’t they just go outside the Dáil, you’ll get no support of any type at all no matter how good your intentions are. You just will not get the support, because naturally people just get annoyed.”

He feels there are better ways to protest than blocking roads for people going to work.

Martin suggested that hauliers stay at home and stop delivering :

“when there’s no food or fuel going into your garages , or your shops that would open people’s eyes a lot quicker and you’d have nobody up in arms against ye.”