Browne critical of waiting times for emergency social welfare payments

Photo © Pixabay

The Government have been accused of failing people in Tipperary and across the country who are in need of emergency social welfare payments.

Local TD Martin Browne says figures obtained by Sinn Féin show severe delays with a majority of emergency payment applications to the Department taking between 5 and 8 weeks to process.

The Cashel based Oireachtas member says this is simply not acceptable in the middle of a severe cost of living crisis.

“The name of it itself – an emergency payment – to be waiting five to eight weeks is unacceptable. We’ve all seen now on a daily basis now, the cost of living and the pressure its putting on families.

“Something needs to happen and whether that be bringing community welfare officers back into the local community or hiring on extra staff they’re things that need to be looked at now by Minister Humphreys.”

Martin Browne says past experience shows that the system can work much quicker.

“We’ve seen down through the years that if you have a community welfare officer that can be done within a week. I’ve known it down through the years a lot of the time within a day or two that kind of an emergency payment could be made.”