€25million support package for arts sector being welcomed by Director of Nenagh Arts Centre

A €25 million Government support package for the arts and culture sector has been welcomed by the Director of Nenagh Arts Centre.

Eva Birdthistle believes it’s an appreciation of the many artists who’ve adapted to producing content and sharing it online during the pandemic.

The funding includes bursaries and commissions to artists and arts organisations, and resources for museums as they prepare to reopen.

While Eva’s not sure if Nenagh Arts Centre will benefit from funding, she sees it as a welcome announcement:

“And I know there are people saying that this money could be used elsewhere. Yes, I completely agree that it can be diffcult to decide who gets what but, to be honest with you, during COVID-19 it was very much the arts that kept a lot of us sane!

“Whether it was reading books, or watching films, or interacting with people giving free concerts online – I think the first thing we need to be doing is supporting the artists when we have the ability to get back out there and engage with them in real life.”