CSO stats reveal 19 Coronavirus deaths in Tipperary during pandemic

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

CSO stats relating to Covid-19 show that 19 people in Tipperary have died with the virus this year.

A breakdown of county-by-county figures have been published by the CSO. The stats relate to all Covid-19 cases and related deaths up until Friday August 7th.

It states that of 1,772 Covid-19 deaths, 253 relate to probable Covid-19 cases and that the median age of the deceased is 83 years old.

19 people in Tipperary have died from Covid-19 during the pandemic, with an even higher median age of 89 years old.

Elsewhere in Munster, there have been 51 deaths in Cork, 40 in Clare, 26 in Limerick, 6 in Kerry, while the figure for Waterford is unreported.

The CSO also reports that 10 healthcare workers have died from the virus during the pandemic, and 1,443 people had an underlying condition.