Tipperary Gardaí urge people to ensure bicycles are properly secured

Photo © Tipp FM

Cyclists are being encouraged to spend 10-20 percent of the value of their bike on two strong locks.

It’s among the advice being offered by Tipperary Gardaí, with 7,000 bikes having been reported stolen across the country in just the last 16 months.

Sergeant-in-Charge at Nenagh Garda Station, Declan O’Carroll says that strong bike locks should be tied high off the ground to immovable objects, with the bikes preferably kept indoors or in well-lit areas.

He’s outlined one recent case where Garda efforts to retrieve a bike in Nenagh were successful.

“On July 8th a person parked their bicycle outside their workplace on Kickham Street in the town. The bike was subsequently stolen in what’s described as an opportunist type theft.”

“CCTV was harvested by Gardaí and a suspect was identified. They were traced to a house in the town and the bicycle – valued at around €600 – was recovered and the suspect was arrested and charged with the theft.”