Tipperary Gardaí hoping public will abide by Covid restrictions

Photo: © Pat Flynn

Gardaí in Tipperary say proposed legislation regarding Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions will be a last resort.

Fines are to be introduced to boost compliance with penalties of up to 2,500 for those organising house parties and 500 for breaking the 5 kilometre rule or not wearing a mask.

Tipperary Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Tom O’Dwyer told Fran Curry on Tipp Today that they’re hoping people will comply with the rules as they did during the last lockdown.

“We’re stopping people and talking to them – seeing where they’re going and in general people are very co-operative and are abiding by the restrictions.”

“It’ll be last resort for us to actually have to go to that – we depended on the good will of the public in the last lockdown and in fairness to people they were really compliant.”

“I have no doubt that the same thing will happen this time and hopefully we won’t have to use the legislation.”