Tipperary drug searches up by 21%

Figures from this morning’s Joint Policing Committee meeting show that possession of drugs for personal use was up 13 percent to 434 cases, while possession for sale or supply of drugs was down 20 percent to 87 cases.

Chief Superintendent Derek Smart told members that while figures for drug possession were up, there was also an increase in the number of searches carried out.

While incidents of drug possession for personal use and for sale or supply were highest in Clonmel, Chief Superintendent Smart stressed that a drug detection anywhere will benefit the whole county, as those drugs are not getting onto the streets.

Clonmel had 249 cases of drug possession for personal use – compared to the lowest number of 26 in Tipp Town.

Clonmel also had the highest number of cases for drugs for sale or supply at more than twice the numbers in any other area.

Councillor Pat English questioned whether a dedicated drugs unit should be located in Clonmel, but was told that putting one unit in Clonmel would be too challenging given the size of Tipperary.

Chief Superintendent Smart said there are a number of Gardaí assigned to drugs in different areas and they are waiting on a dedicated drugs sergeant to be appointed.