Templemore Councillor says Illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour need to be tackled

Photo © Tipp FM

Spot checks could be the key to solving issues with illegal dumping in council-owned housing estates across the Premier.

That’s according to independent Councillor Eddie Moran who raised the issue at this month’s meeting of the Templemore-Thurles Municipal District.

Councillor Moran said issues with illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour in council owned estates around the county could be solved by better enforcement from the council.

Speaking to Tipp FM, the independent councillor said that those living in council housing should be expected to show proof of responsible refuse disposal to weed out those who dump illegally.

“That’s an issue that the council are going to address, you know that everyone would have to have a bin or you know inspect houses, they’ll spot check houses, they’ll come and see have you a bin or have you a receipt for your bin. And that’s the only way we’ll solve that problem because where are you putting your rubbish then, you know.”

Councillor Moran also says Tipperary needs more Gardaí to deal with rising cases of anti-social behaviour.

He’s calling for the number of Gardaí coming through Templemore each year to be increased to deal with the number of complaints received.

He says that cases of anti-social behaviour in the Templemore-Thurles municipal area continue to rise and it is unfair to expect the Gardaí to cover such a large area.

We’ve a lot of anti-social behaviour in our towns in the Roscrea, Templemore and Thurles area, at yearly 180 (incidents) of anti-social behaviour in our owns which is very, very staggering and we haven’t got enough Gardaí in our towns.

“In Templemore we have only 8 Gardaí and 2 Sergeants on the front line. They’re covering a massive area in Templemore and we need more Gardaí in our towns. I’m very disappointed with our Garda Commissioner that he’s not putting more people through the Garda College in Templemore.

28 people went through that college this year, that’s all, so it’s very disappointing.”