Progress being made on CCTV for motorway access points in Tipp

Councillor Sean Ryan. Photo from via

CCTV for areas around motorways in the Premier county should be ready for approval in the coming weeks.

Communities in these areas have been subjected to crime for a number of years and at the May meeting of Tipperary County Council Fianna Fáil’s Sean Ryan emphasised the need for the system before winter.

He says that they have been fighting for the implementation of the camera for years and was glad to hear that it is due to be signed off on by the JPC in June.

The hope is that this will then go to the Garda Commissioner’s Office for final approval.

Councillor Ryan says that while it has taken a long time it is important to get it right.

He also says this is very encouraging and that it will make a huge difference to people in areas like his own Littleton especially as we emerge from Covid.

“We don’t want to wait again until winter. I suppose for the past two years people have been at home with the Covid restrictions they haven’t been away and crime has lowered, but now with Covid restrictions lifted we don’t want to face into another winter without it.”