New Chief Justice to be named

Photo: © pixabay

The current Chief Justice, Mrs Susan Denham, reaches the mandatory age of retirement next month and is due to step down.

It’s understood that three names are being considered – a process which means politicians have a greater say than they would have had before.

The bill to overhaul judicial appointments hasn’t yet been passed – so an ad hoc group of 3 experts has been chosen to suggest the successor.
During the controversy surrounding the appointment of Maire Whelan, Leo Varadkar told the Dáil that only one name was ever brought to ministers – so there was no political influence in deciding who might make the best appointee.

But today it’s reported that the ad hoc process has resulted in cabinet being given three names from which to choose – meaning, in one way, it’s meant more political influence in choosing the country’s top judge.

Whatever concern there may be, however, is hampered by the summer recess – the job comes vacant next month and the winning candidate will assume it almost immediately.