Local woman speaks of fear following attempted break-in

Photo © Pixabay

A public meeting is planned in the village of Lisronagh near Clonmel this weekend following a number of attempted break-ins in recent weeks.

In particular residents of Moylebrook and Glenview are being encouraged to attend in an effort to make people aware of what’s happening.

Abigail McKay was one of those targeted earlier this month.

“I suppose for a few nights after it I did feel scare in my home and then I thought I’m not going to lie underneath this. I live in an elderly community so I decided to take a proactive approach.”

“I contacted our Community Liaison Guard – Garda Clare Murphy – and she’s organised for this Saturday just to meet with the residents to give them some tools to protect their home, how to monitor things and for their own personal safety and what to if they find themselves in a situation like me.”

The meeting will take place on Saturday at 1pm in the church car park in Lisronagh.