Local security consultant says Dublin anti-lockdown gathering was a riot not a protest

Photo from Pixabay

A Tipperary based security consultant and former Garda fears we may be on the brink of major rioting.

Joe Leahy’s comments come in the wake of an anti-lockdown protest in Dublin over the weekend which resulted in over 20 people being arrested while a number of Gardaí were injured.

Gardaí fear more far-right riots are being planned for St Patrick’s Day.

Speaking on Tipp Today Joe Leahy said it would not have taken much for Saturday’s protest to have gotten completely out of hand.

“I think it puts our country on what I would call on the brink. If those numbers had increased by maybe a thousand people where were we? We were gone to the stage then where we had no choice only to call in the army and do all this type of thing which is extremely bad publicity for the country but it’s also extremely dangerous.”

“There’s also talk that last Saturday was just a preamble for something bigger on St Patrick’s Day.”

“Now this is coming from an element of society which I believe have no regard for anything – I don’t think they have any regard for law and order in any form.”