Local JPC member feels the body is unproductive

A member of the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee has admitted that the body is very much a ‘talking shop’.

The comment from Councillor Richie Molloy comes as concerns about Garda numbers and increasing incidents of drug dealing in urban areas and roving gangs in rural parts of the county.

JPCs provide a dedicated forum to support consultation, cooperation and synergy on policing and crime issues between the Garda Síochána, local authority officials, elected representatives and the community and voluntary sectors.

On Tipp Today earlier Richie Molloy said in his view the JPC was unproductive.

“I’m inclined to think it is because while you do have the Chief Superintendent at it and I suppose he does have the say on where resources go within the county, from my point of view it would be better if it let you raise particular incidents – not just talk about things very much in general.

“At the end of the day the JPC really concentrates on policies and procedures – they don’t really like talking about things that might have occurred since the previous meeting.”