Hopes CCTV will soon be in operation on Tipp motorway junctions

Councillor Sean Ryan. Photo from Tipperarycoco.ie via Canva.com.

Ongoing delays in the rollout of CCTV at motorway junctions in Tipperary could finally be nearing an end.

The technology is seen by many as a way of tackling gangs using the road network to target rural areas in the Premier County.

Fianna Fail representative Sean Ryan says funding for the CCTV system has been in place for a number of years but the local authority is awaiting permission to get it up and running.

“At the moment it’s with the Garda Commissioners office and we’re hoping that this will be signed off soon.

“The funding that we got was in particular for areas that are near motorways because motorways unfortunately are used by crime gangs to target rural areas. Littleton, Horse & Jockey and Two-Mile Borris are near motorways and the one issue we wanted was the CCTV up and running so therefore we’d be able to prevent this crime and also spare the Gardaí on personnel and resources.”

Councillor Ryan says ideally the system should have been operating a long time ago.

“Absolutely, it should have happened an awful long time ago but I suppose unfortunately like many of these systems they’ve got caught up in GDPR regulations on data control and data protection.

“But we’ve got a system in place now where the Gardaí and the County Council can be joint data controllers and this is the first time that we’ve had that system up and running and its now got statute in law so hopefully now we’re finally there.”