Daughter of murder victim Bobby Ryan says court decision is ‘mental torture.’

Stock photo: Canva.com / utah778.

The daughter of Bobby ‘Mr. Moonlight’ Ryan says they were ‘floored’ by this week’s Supreme Court Ruling.

On Monday the seizure of a computer at Tipperary farmer Patrick Quirke’s home as part of investigations into the 2011 murder of the local DJ, for which Quirke was convicted of murder, was deemed unlawful.

This now raises questions about a possible retrial- something Bobby’s daughter Michelle Ryan says has maddened their family ‘to the core.’

Speaking to Tipp today she said if Patrick Quirke walks free then there will have been no justice for her Dad and shows the system in Ireland has completely forgotten about the victim.

Michelle says an innocent man’s life was taken and that human right should be respected over the right to privacy.

“He took him away from us and that wasn’t enough for him he had to go along then and just discard Daddy in the most horrific fashion and he thinks that he still has a right, and he is roaring and screeching because his privacy was breached. Well, Bobby Ryan had a human right to life. We had a human right to have our father, to have our grandfather, our brother, our friend – to be with us, but we don’t have that because of Patrick Quirke.”

‘It seems the victim who is above in the graveyard is completely forgotten about here.’

Michelle says the family were not directly informed about the ruling and that this decision is ‘mental torture.’

She went on to tell Tipp Today that there is a permanent hole in their lives and justice is not in complete jeopardy.

“There has been no getting away from it, you know you paint on the smile especially there is children looking at us and we can’t be walking around losing our minds every day of the week. We have to try and keep ourselves together in some fashion. Christmas time, birthdays, communions, christenings, anything like that is there is just a hole within us that will never be filled and that is the way we have to walk the rest of our lives until the day when we eventually, hopefully meet Daddy.”