Cybercrime has ‘exploded’ according to Tipp Crime Prevention Officer

Photo © Pixabay

Cybercrime has ‘exploded’ according to the Tipperary Divisional Crime Prevention Officer.

Sergeant Thomas O’ Dwyer, who is based at Thurles Garda Station says that you must now take steps to protect yourself online in the same way you do your home from theft.

In 2021 there was a 552% increase in account takeover fraud alone.

Sergeant O’Dwyer is encouraging people to look into virus protection software and think before reacting to any unsolicited information requests:

“It’s here now and it’s here to stay and we have to get up to the level of the criminal. We can do it and we will do it.”

His advice is that if you ever get an unexpected call or text you should always stop and think and never become pressurized in the moment.