Court hears of attack on Ballina pub

Photo: © pixabay

A North Tipp man has been accused of cutting into the walls of a local pub with a con saw.

At a Killaloe District Court sitting in Ennis Judge Alec Gabbett heard the State’s case against Brendan Ryan of Cooleen, Birdhill.

It is alleged that at around 9.15pm on November 1st last, Brendan Ryan took the con saw to cut into the walls of Liam O’Riain’s pub exterior wall.

Video footage is said to show Mr Ryan holding the con-saw and also cutting a bar stool being held up by publican, Liam McKeogh.

37 year old Ryan, a stone mason by trade, is alleged to have had a previous altercation or run in with McKeogh that led to this incident.

He is now charged with producing a con saw, capable of inflicting serious injury, on Main Street, Ballina under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act.

Judge Gabbett confirmed the case can be heard in the District Court and adjourned the case to October 4th allowing time for Mr Ryan to either confirm he is to contest the case or enter a plea of guilt.

In conclusion the judge deemed the situation “Strange” asking “Is there something in the water around here?”