County Beat ready to hit the streets in Nenagh Garda District

Photo © Tipp FM

Gardaí in the Nenagh District will be launching a new initiative later this month aiming to make officers more accessible.

The County Beats Initiative for 2022 will be rolled out on Friday, May 20th.

Superintendent Andrew Lacey heads up the Nenagh Garda District – speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said it will see officers on the ground patrolling areas of high density such as public parks, town centres and residential areas.

“We’re putting additional resources into it every week and those Guards primary role will be interaction with the public locally and they won’t be deployed to other daily calls. So they can focus on that community based style.

“Hopefully over the summer months – we’ll probably keep it going until October – that public perception will improve and we’ll get some feedback

“It’s that accessibility to meet and speak to our Guards and report issues and just generally have a chat and it will open up different avenues for them as well.”