Cloneen Men’s Shed vandalised

A south Tipperary community is appealing for information after robbery and vandalism in their local Men’s Shed building

Locals in Cloneen discovered yesterday that a Stanley stove was among the items taken from the building.

Local councillor Mark Fitzgerald believes the damage could have been done at any stage in the last three weeks, as the building has been out of use for much of the last year due to the pandemic.

He says it’s a blow to many people in the community.

“The shed was vital to a lot of the lads last summer because they hadn’t pubs to go to – to meet up and have a chat.”

“When there was an easing of restrictions there last June/July it was a place where they were able to meet up and have a chat. It’s just a pity the lack of respect from somebody trying to make a quick buck.”