Carrick CCTV set for major revamp

Image © Canva

The entire CCTV system in Carrick-on-Suir needs to be replaced, at a possible cost of around €100,000.

The cameras were first fitted more than 15 years ago and need to be modernised.

Director of Services for Community and Economic Development with Tipperary County Council, Pat Slattery said that previously, this system would have cost €200,000 to replace, but now could cost less than half that.

He explained why the system needs to completely replaced.

“It has around 18-20 cameras, it was done under the old analogue system.

“Now it still works, the cameras function and the recording equipment records, and the Gardaí use it from time to time when an incident occurs.

“It really needs to be modernised, so you get very fine detail. The newer cameras now can pick out number plates and face recognition in cars, so it’s a much more elaborate system.

“Plus the old system you needed to have a collection of cables running around the town.”

Pat added that the new systems are controlled remotely via wifi.

He stressed that while the camera quality has improved, the picture quality has improved, but the price has gone down, as there is less equipment involved.