Call for those convicted of illegal dumping to be named and shamed

The dumping seen on the old N8 between Urlingford and the Turnpike.

More action is needed to deter people from dumping illegally in the county.

That’s according to Councillor Pat English who’s calling for people that have been successfully prosecuted for illegal dumping to be named and shamed.

On a discussion on Environment and Climate Action at the recent county council meeting, Cllr English raised the issue saying that if people knew they could be publicly named on receipt of an illegal dumping conviction, it would act as a suitable deterrent against others doing the same.

Cllr Marie Murphy said that successful cases for illegal dumping should also be highlighted, giving an example of a recent case that went to court where the council won and the person responsible faced fines plus costs of up to €4,000 following dumping at the Vee.

In response from the council, Cllr English was told that the naming and shaming of perpetrators is dependent on the media covering cases of illegal dumping.