Burglary Response Unit established in Tipperary

A total of ten officers will be seconded into the unit from the five Garda Districts in the county.

It will see a coordinated anti-crime operation in the Tipperary division utilising high visibility checkpoints and patrols.

Each Burglary Response Unit will also have a dedicated Garda vehicle which will allow for an expansive geographical area to be patrolled.

Chief Superintendent Derek Smart of the Tipperary Garda Division says the operation is designed to prevent, intercept and detect offenders committing crimes such as burglaries and thefts.

“We have ten people now that are engaging right across the whole county in regard to that – working specific time schedules that we’ve worked out with our own analysis service in identifying the busiest times of the day over the last three to four years where we’ve had incidents of burglaries around the county.”

“We’re focusing very much on checkpoints in regard to that to make sure we can take the roads away from these people who seem to think that they can drive around the county as they wish.”