Anglim: Families are having to borrow money to pay off children’s drug debts

Photo: Tipperary County Council

The drugs situation in villages across South Tipperary is frightening according to a local Councillor.

Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Anglim from Ardfinnan took to Facebook this week with an impassioned post about drug abuse and drug dealing, both in his own local community and across the county in general.

He says some people might think it is best to stay quiet and say nothing about this situation but silence only helps what he describes as these evil scumbags.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said it’s hitting families across the community with many having to borrow money to pay off their children’s drug debts.

“When you have a mother coming to you on an issue and she breaks down in front of you because she had to go to the Credit Union to take out a loan of €5,000 to help her son out of trouble that he had gotten into.”

“That €5,000 to me, and to you and a lot of people is the same as €100,000.”

Cllr Anglim’s Facebook post in full:

Some people might think it is best to stay quiet say nothing about this situation but silence only helps these EVIL SCUMBAGS. The Drugs situation in our villages is Frightening. Drug pushers offering drugs for free to teenagers and young adults telling them take it enjoy it it’s for free and unfortunately more than a few actually fall for this BULLSHIT. And after falling for this soft talk a few times there very generous new friends start asking for CASH or FAVOURS to be done for them in payment. If you refuse to pay or do not do what is asked of you then you get to see the true colors of these friends and the penny drops you see they are ANIMALS using your INNOCENCE or your STUPIDITY to put you in a dangerous situation which has you God forbid doing Favours for these criminals or turning to your hard-working parents to pay your “BILL” and save you. Or you jumping on a plane in the hope of hiding and that is only putting off the trouble to another day and they still come knocking on your parents door when you are gone demanding the money. What can be done to stop this from happening ?? There really is only one thing young people simply have got to be told time and time again NEVER NEVER NEVER give these scumbags the chance to get there claws into them. When offered these drugs to have a so called “GOOD TIME” just turn away and keep turning to matter how often they keep asking your answer is short and sweet. NO. These young people your parents are giving there lives looking after you working hard to make sure you have what you need to get a chance at making a fair crack at life. For God’s sake don’t be so STUPID and throw all that in the bin because some evil animal offers you something to snort up your nose to give you a high or a tablet to give you a buzz. These tablets and white powder leads you down a BLACK HOLE and you end up bringing your families down there with you. Drug pushers you might be reading this. Our villages are places we love dearly and our young people are our future we won’t be SILENT FOR YOU and simply let you destroy either of them.