Court rules man is entitled to inherit North Tipperary family farm.

The High Court has ruled that a man is entitled to a farm in North Tipperary which had been left to his sister.

57 year old William Naylor will inherit the 120 acre farm at Walshpark after a lengthy legal battle.

The farm in question had been promised to Mr Naylor by a man he thought was his stepfather only to find out after his death that he was actually his biological father.

In his will Michael Hoare left the farm to his daughter Jean Maher – William Naylor's sister.

This was challenged by Mr Naylor who claimed that he had been promised the farm as far back as the 1970's and had worked it for close to 40 years for little or no return.

Mr Justice Daniel O'Keeffe ruled that William Naylor of Lelagh, Rathcabbin, Derrylahan had established a legal claim.