‘County Councils have very little real power’ says Tipp social inclusion officer

A North Tipp Social Inclusion Officer says we are “lucky” to have local councillors.

However, Mike Edwards of Roscrea Community Hub also says when there is “no will” in national politics, nothing will change, and Ireland’s version of democracy doesn’t hold up.

He admitted he targets local representatives when he feels they are being disingenuous, but ultimately knows they have very little power.

Mr. Edwards told Tipp Today that as a society, there is a lot of work to do, but local communities benefit from “brilliant” councillors:

“County councils have very little real power. We’re told we live within a participatory democracy – we don’t. Participatory democracy means you are socially included, that you are listened to, that what you have to say, what you desire, and what you hope for can be achieved.

We have tons to do, but we are being facilitated as communities and groups with the county council. We are very lucky. It’s not ‘one voice’ – it’s’ all voices’.