Councillor calls for action to save Knocklofty House

Knocklofty House. Photo © Tipp FM.

A Tipperary councillor has called on the council to intervene before a former South Tipp hotel falls further into disrepair.

Councillor Máirín McGrath raised the issue at the county council meeting, saying that something needs to be done to save Knocklofty House.

Councillor John Fitzgerald agreed that action must be taken, and that the building near Clonmel holds wonderful potential.

Councillor McGrath told Tipp FM that it’s an important historical building and it can’t be left to fall into ruin beyond the point of rescue.

“The historical Knocklofty House, as people know, is falling into ruin, largely because of the failings and delays in the court system over its ownership.

“It has been placed recently on the top ten most at risk heritage buildings and I think that the planning authority and the county council, who are meant to be guardians of protected structures, need to step in and do more.

“Obviously, their powers are limited to one extent, as it’s before the courts, but we are stakeholders, it’s a historic archtectural building of significance in our area.”

She added that the council should contact the courts and appeal for a decision, in the wake of this going on for five years now.

Councillor McGrath stressed that if this continues, people might stop fighting for it and the building may go beyond the point of rescue.

Senior engineer Eamon Lonergan said that the council examined the building with a planner during the summer and measures were put in place to protect it from the elements.

He agreed that action is needed and that it has already gone on too long.