Visiting restrictions at a ward in Tipperary University Hospital

Photo from Google Maps

Tipperary University Hospital is currently experiencing an increase in the number of patients presenting with Covid-19.

Due to increased infection control measures visiting to Medical 1 ward is currently suspended.

In a statement to Tipp FM management at TUH say the situation will be reviewed by the hospital outbreak team on an on-going basis.


• Visiting to Tipperary University Hospital is permitted daily, Hospital Visiting times 2pm – 4 pm & 6.30pm – 8.30pm. Visiting will be not allowed outside of these hours

Visiting arrangements are as follows:
• All adult patients may have 1 visit, by a nominated family member, on the designated day for a maximum of 1 hour. Families are requested to limit the number of visitors to patients as this will reduce potential exposure to infection. All visitors are requested to wear face mask and are asked not to remove it for the duration of the visit.
• One parent will be permitted to visit children in the Paediatric Unit at any one time.
• Parents are facilitated in SCBU

• It is preferable that visitors have been vaccinated prior to visiting
• Visitors are reminded of the potential of infection exposure when visiting the hospital
• Visitors must wear face masks while in the hospital and adhere to Covid19 measures as advised.
• Visitors will be required to complete a COVID-19 visitor questionnaire prior to attending the ward.
• Any visitor with fever or Covid19 symptoms will not be permitted to visit
• Children are not permitted to visit the hospital.
• Visitors are not permitted to interact socially with other visitors or with patients other than the person they have come to visit
• Please note that the Maternity visiting policy is unchanged and is arranged in association with the Midwifery Managers

All appropriate infection control precautions are being followed to minimise the risk of spreading infection among staff and patients.