Tipp TD calls for mental health to form a central part of overall response to Covid-19

Photo © Pixabay

Deputy Michael Lowry says the mental health needs of our elderly has been neglected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He was speaking in the Dáil to highlight awareness of mental health and Mental Health Services.

The Thurles TD said while we had rightly done everything to protect the older generation from the virus they had suffered in other ways.

“This was all done with the best of intentions. No one disputes necessity.”

“We diligently protected them physically but the mental health of our elderly suffered immensely.”

“The majority of older adults are acutely aware of the risk to them from the pandemic – this awareness comes with worry and anxiety.”

“Their hearts are breaking as they will not share this Christmas with loved ones from overseas.”

“Despair fills their minds yet the mental health support they receive is limited at best and is non-existent at worst. In truth it should be a central part of their care.”