Tipp pharmacist says you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than suffer side effects from AstraZeneca

Photo from AstraZeneca media centre

A Tipperary pharmacist and college lecturer has repeated his support for people getting the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

The jab has been withdrawn for those under 60 amid concerns about the risks of rare blood clotting.

There is a 4 in a million chance of developing a clot which Clonmel based Ronan Quirke points out is higher odds than being struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

While he accepts people may be reticent about AstraZeneca he is fully behind the vaccine.

“Death from Covid is many multiple times more likely than any adverse effect from an AstraZeneca vaccine.”

“The AstraZeneca vaccine is effective and it is safe relative to the risk associated with it. So when you do a risk benefit analysis on the AstraZeneca vaccine it is heavily – overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly – the benefits hugely outweigh the risk.”