Tipp native to the fore of Global Citizen campaign

Portroe’s Declan Kelly is once again at the forefront of a global effort to try and kickstart the recovery from Covid-19.

Global Citizen has launched its ‘Recovery Plan for the World’ with a press conference featuring comments from the Teneo CEO, as well as the likes of Hugh Jackman, Angela Merkel and John Kerry.

Declan Kelly is helping to lead the corporate side of the campaign, which has five aims – including ending Covid-19 for all, ending the hunger crisis and protecting the planet.

Declan describes the Covid-19 recovery as a “reboot moment”.

“In crisis as well as tragedy we have also observed the very best of humanity.”

“The first responders who walk into danger for us every day. Families, friends and communities helping each other. A new dialogue that has broken out thankfully about race, diversity and inequality.”

“Teneo – my company – and I personally am honoured to be partnering in this year long effort yet again this year to help the world recover better together.”