Tipp GP supports move for antigen testing in schools

Dr Pat Harrold, Nenagh GP. Photo courtesy of Pat Harrold.

A local GP is supporting calls for free, compulsory antigen testing to be rolled out in schools and colleges.

Nenagh-based Dr Pat Harrold says any compulsory use of the rapid tests should be provided free of charge by the State, but talks are ongoing in Government about subsidies for the wider public.

Education Minister Norma Foley has announced that antigen testing will be rolled out in schools from next Monday.

Dr Harrold says that such a testing regime should be provided for free.

“I would like to see antigen tests being compulsory in all sorts of educational places and anything compulsory should be free.

“The worry about antigen testing is that people won’t do it properly – they’ll think I’m okay even though I’ve got a temperature and I’m short of breath and I’ve got a runny nose. I’ve done the antigen and it says I don’t have it and I’m going to go out and spread it.

“You need a certain among of public health education – I think people have been a bit frightened of it.”