Tipp exam students urged to steer clear of indoor gatherings without masks

Hand Sanitiser Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Public health officials in Midwest are appealing to the public to protect Leaving Cert students by avoiding unnecessary social mixing.

Public Health Mid-West is worried that young people could miss important exams if deemed as confirmed Covid-19 cases or close contacts in the coming weeks.

After predicted grading dictated results last summer, the traditional Leaving Cert exams resume at Irish secondary schools on Wednesday June 9th.

Public Health Mid-West is appealing to the public that in the weeks remaining, the public protect the school population by steering clear of high-risk behaviour, such as indoor gatherings and social mixing without masks or social distancing.

The Department, which oversees north Tipp, Limerick and Clare, has managed 27 Covid-19 outbreaks in schools and early education settings since March of this year, involving 197 cases.

It’s stated that the vast majority of those outbreaks are linked to clusters outside school including birthday parties, family and household clusters.