Tipp 18 to 34 year olds avail of Covid vaccine from local pharmacies

A Tipperary pharmacist has praised the hard work and commitment of Ireland’s youth during the pandemic, as many get a long-awaited vaccination this week.

Coffey’s Allcare Pharmacy in Roscrea is among those participating in vaccinating 18-34 year old’s from this week with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson jab.

Pharmacist Paul Knox says that demand is hugely outstripping supply until the next delivery however, with only 15 vaccines there this week and around 400 names on the waiting list.

He says it’s been a great experience to get those few vaccines out to young locals.

“It’s what they’ve been waiting for the last 18 months. Some of them were waiting for this to go travelling and that kind of thing. So they were obviously thrilled.

“They weren’t expecting it either, so it was like light at the end of the tunnel for them. The willingness of the younger people to get the vaccine is unbelievable.

“They’ve got so much bad press over the last six months, it was high time that somebody stood up and said these people want to move on with their lives, and that they have a social conscience.”