Sense of relief as Covid vaccinations begin in Tipp nursing homes

Resident Frances Hearne and Clinical Nurse Manager Nessa Merrigan receiving the first dose of the vaccine earlier today at the Community Hospital of the Assumption, Thurles.

The Director of Nursing at a Tipperary nursing home says there was a mixture of excitement and relief among residents and staff as vaccination got underway.

The Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles was one of the first facilities in the county to receive the vaccine yesterday, and it’s hoped that the first round of doses will be completed there later today.

188 staff and residents are receiving the jab, and Director of Nursing, Mairéad Greene, says they’re able to vaccinate about 12 people per hour.

She’s been describing the atmosphere in the facility yesterday morning.

“I suppose there was nervous apprehension but there was also excitement and I suppose an air of relief as well.”

“It’s a great day because I suppose we’ve had a tough year across the country – this situation has been very challenged and I suppose it’s a great place to be today with the start of the vaccinations and I suppose within the next 3 or 4 weeks please God we’ll have a lot more protection that we had before today.”