Roadmap for easing of Covid-19 restrictions unfair according to a Tipp pub owner

Photo courtesy of Harney's Final Furlong Facebook page

A Tipperary publican is calling for a level playing field for businesses hoping to reopen as part of the easing of Covd-19 restrictions.

John Harney runs a pub in the village of Clerihan and says he will be opening his doors later this month – ahead of August 10th which is proposed under the Government’s roadmap.

While accepting the need for social distancing John says allowing restaurants or pubs with restaurant licences to begin trading again on June 29th is unfair.

“I don’t accept that if somebody goes into Clonmel to a pub that has a restaurant licence and says I’ll have a burger there. And then he can drink for half an hour before he orders. He can drink for half an hour after he’s finished and he must pay for everything when he’s leaving.”

“So in essence if he leaves that burger in front of him for an hour and a half and he drinks his pints away he can drink seven or eight pints if he wants to.”

“But he can’t come into my pub and drink one pint.”