Public Health Mid-West continue to urge caution despite increase in numbers vaccinated

Stock photo. Photo: Pixabay.

People in the midwest who’ve received their Covid-19 vaccine are being reminded of the waiting period before best protection kicks in.

Public Health Mid-West is urging the people of north Tipp, Limerick and Clare to avoid large, high-risk social gatherings as vaccination continues.

Covid-19 cases have steadily increased in the midwest in recent weeks, in line with the growing prevalence of the Delta variant.

Specialist in Public Health Medicine, Dr Anne Dee, says the “current epidemiological situation in the Mid-West is precarious” as vaccination rates aren’t as high as they need to be to achieve herd immunity.

“While there are lots of activities we can do, not every activity is safe, particularly for unvaccinated people. If you are unvaccinated, it is important that you protect yourself by wearing a mask, keeping a social distance, wash hands frequently, avoiding large crowds and indoor gatherings, and limiting your social contacts,” continued Dr Dee.

“We are at a crucial stage of the pandemic, where we nearly have enough people vaccinated to achieve a herd immunity among the adult population. But we must remain vigilant, not just for your own sake but for the sake of others. There are vulnerable people out there who can still die from this disease.”

Officials in Public Health Mid-West are reminding the public that they must wait a certain period of time after their final vaccine dose before they’re considered fully vaccinated.

This period is seven days after receiving your second Pfizer jab, 14 days for Moderna, 15 days for Astra Zeneca, and 14 days for the one-dose Johnson and Johnson jab.

People are also being reminded that no vaccine is 100 percent effective, and are urging people to continue adhering with public health advice as a result.