Nenagh GP says cautious approach to reopening is the right approach to Covid

Dr Pat Harrold Facebook page

A Tipperary doctor believes that Ireland is on the right track with vaccines and has said that we are not being overly cautious, despite criticism that we are not in line with the rest of Europe.

Nenagh based Dr Pat Harrold said that we are doing very well on the vaccine rollout and that it is better to be too careful than to be careless.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, he said that he believes we are doing things the right way.

“I think we’re the outliers of Europe in that we have the best vaccination rollout and it’s really working well.

“Having said that, I was delighted to see that they promised yesterday that all the 60-69’s will get sorted out next week and I believe them.

“They’re kind of on my conscience to be honest, because we didn’t have any vaccines for them.

“I think they’re will probably be a booster vaccine in a few months. The vaccination thing is working in Ireland and wouldn’t you rather be cautious than back to what we were doing.”