Nenagh consultant says it will take a miracle to avoid third lockdown

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A leading consultant says a third lockdown in January is almost inevitable.

Consultant Endocrinologist at Barrington’s in Limerick – Dr Mary Ryan – says the number of Covid-19 cases is likely to rise during Christmas.

Speaking on Tipp Today the Nenagh woman said we need to do everything we can to limit our contacts over the Festive season.

“I think yes, the reality is that more than likely there will be a higher number of cases and there will be a lockdown in January.”

“I’m pleading with people to really restrict their movement and do the best they can – and that’s what we’re all doing. But I suppose with that volume of people and everyone meeting more and people coming back from the UK yes there is that risk.”

“I do think there will be a lockdown. I would hope there wouldn’t but it would be a miracle if there wasn’t.”