McGrath says NPHET should give their advice and then let Government decide

Photo © Tipp FM.

A Tipperary TD says that the Government need to take the reins on the easing of restrictions and stop giving NPHET full control.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath also refused to confirm whether he received the Covid Vaccine saying that it’s a private matter and no one should have to disclose whether or not they availed of the vaccine.

As the Hospitality sector continues to hit out at the Government decision to delay the opening of indoor dining, it has emerged today that the National Public Health Emergency Team didn’t take into account the changes to the vaccine programme when it advised the Government on further restrictions.

Younger people will be able to access AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines but the NPHET modelling didn’t factor that.

It means the models the Government used to make a decision on delaying the re-opening of indoor dining were out of date.

Speaking to Tipp Today this morning, Deputy Mattie McGrath was critical of NPEHT’s control on the decision making process, he said that if he was in charge, he would make NPHET take a step back.

“I would be very cautious and I’d take NPHET’s advice and thank them very much and say we’ll deal with this now in Cabinet. Ye stay off the media because there’s mixed messages going out. There’s a kind of a vying position between Dr Holohan and from politicians to be on the Six-One news and everything else. This is where it’s all gone wrong and if I wasn’t going to open up I would let them know two weeks ago.”

When asked if he had availed of the Covid vaccine, Deputy McGrath said there is too much pressure being put on people to disclose whether they’ve had it and it should be a private matter.

“Well that’s part of the problem about vaccinations. They’re making this now a kind ‘have you or haven’t you?’ That’s a private matter between the GP and Consultant and myself.”

“They’re putting this pressure on people – that’s totally a matter for the person themselves to answer.”