McGrath not convinced by Covid-19 vaccine

A Tipperary TD has hit out at the government for indemnifying the manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines from any possible legal action.

Deputy Mattie McGrath has also said he will not be availing of the vaccine until he is convinced of its safety.

Speaking on Tipp Today he questioned the speed at which the vaccines have been produced and criticised the lack of debate on the government’s decision to indemnify multi-billion dollar companies.

“It’s all quite rushed – the European Medicines Authority haven’t yet approved them fully. I wouldn’t buy a car without a guarantee.”

“I’m a diabetic – I should be very concerned. But why are pregnant mothers told not to take it?”

“I have big issues around vaccines – the HPV in particular where I have 12 patients in Tipperary badly suffering with it and nowhere to go because the companies are indemnified.”

“Our taxpayers again are going to pony up if there are side effects or issues (with the Covid-19 vaccine).”

For its part the National Immunisation Office points out that the World Health Organization states that the HPV vaccine is extremely safe.