McGrath criticised for refusing to say if he has received a Covid vaccine

Photo © Tipp FM

Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne has criticised fellow Tipperary Deputy Mattie McGrath for refusing to say if he had been vaccinated or not.

The Independent Deputy had said it was a private issue between himself and his GP when he was asked on Tipp Today yesterday.

Martin Browne – who has been vaccinated – said that’s not an acceptable attitude from a public representative who has so much to say on Covid.

“Especially when you’re a public representative that will come on and make so much noise about the whole thing.”

“I can’t see why he can’t be upfront about either getting the vaccine or not getting the vaccine. There are thousands of people in the country that cannot get a vaccine for different reasons – no bother whatsoever with that – but if you’re going to be so vocal about it give your reasons is what I would be saying.”