McGrath critical of Governments handling of coronavirus

Photo © Tipp FM.

A Tipperary TD says the easing of Covid-19 restrictions should possibly have happened sooner.

Deputy Mattie McGrath also feels that the Government hasn’t handled the whole crisis very well.

Speaking on Tipp Today as we enter Phase 1 of the roadmap the Independent representative said it wasn’t before time.

“We’re too interested in being good Europeans and that’s the reason we didn’t close our borders and we still haven’t closed them.”

“And we saw the Keelings, we saw many other things going in and yet we can’t get our soldiers home from the Lebanon.”

“We could have handled it a lot better in many areas and I heard the Minister this morning say as well – belatedly, extremely belatedly – that they were looking at amending the limitations about people coming in at the ports.”

“This is a gaping hole that’s been there from the very outset.”

“I have raised it – like a bad record raising it – we saw the Italian match, we saw Cheltenham.”