Local restaurant owner in favour of continuing to use Covid certs for indoor dining

Photo from Flanagan's Lane Facebook page

A Tipperary restauranteur says the Covid vaccine cert plays a key part in keeping her customers and staff safe.

The comments from Niamh Quinn of Flanagan’s Lane in Tipp Town come as NPHET meets today to discuss its advice to the Government on the easing of pandemic rules.

Many callers to Tipp Today earlier claimed they were not being asked to produce their Covid cert when entering restaurants across the county.

However Niamh Quinn says the cert is a vital part in preventing the spread of the virus and needs to continue.

“I do – I think it’s a very important part because we have all different generations coming into the restaurant, young and old.

“We don’t want someone that has been isolated probably for a long time due to Covid and has now come out because they’re vaccinated and they’re now coming to the restaurant and then being compromised by someone that isn’t vaccinated so we are very strongly in favour of keeping checking the forms.”