Local publican says traditional pubs are being forgotten as we emerge from Covid

Nenagh, Co Tipperary

A Nenagh publican says he’s concerned that traditional pubs are being overlooked as the country slowly exits Covid-19 restrictions.

Keith Brennan, who owns Lily’s Bar and the Talbot Bar in Nenagh, will be among those able to reopen outdoors next Monday, and indoors from July 5th.

He’s frustrated that outdoor dining grants, offered by local authorities to fund the purchase of tables, chairs and heaters, are only available to food-serving businesses.

He’s feels there’s a lack of focus on traditional pubs as the economy reopens.

“It seems to be targeting or they’re pushing for more of these café style or café bars that would suit in Dublin where they’d be a more continental style bar.”

“They don’t seem to be wanting to push our agenda as a traditional Irish pub which would have been the main target for tourists coming over here. We would have thought that they would be more so trying to help out the whole lot.”