Local publican says there are still some concerns in Tipperary about easing of Covid restrictions

Photo courtesy of Harney's Final Furlong Facebook page

The lifting of the majority of Covid restrictions at the weekend was largely welcomed, but a Tipperary publican says people were still a bit wary.

John Harney of Harney’s Final Furlong in Clerihan told Tipp Today that they had a busy weekend of trade, which was great to see after all of the lockdowns and closures.

However, he added that many customers were a bit baffled at this sudden turnaround of the guidelines and rules.

“Saturday night was very busy, last night was busy, but the general conversation was how did we go from on Friday we had to wear masks and sign names and keep the Covid certs registered, all this stuff.

“Then on Saturday, all this was gone bar the staff had to wear masks if they were facing customers.”

He added that knowing there is no further closure threatening them has allowed them to plan better, as the risk of losing stock is gone.