Large number of Tipp residents not complying with Covid travel restrictions

Photo © Tipp FM

New figures show that almost half of the population in Tipperary now venturing beyond 10 kilometres of their home.

The Central Statistics Office compiled the figures for the week ending March 26th.

Just 51% of Tipperary’s residents stayed close to home during that week, a fall from 52.5% over the previous seven days, according to the weekly Staying Local Indicator.

That figure was significantly lower than the State’s average, which saw 64.2% of people across the country stay within touching distance of home.

Other Munster counties have displayed a far higher level of compliance compared with Tipperary in recent days.

Limerick, Waterford, and Cork, the three most urbanised counties in the province, are in fourth, fifth and sixth place in the country overall, with compliance levels of 63.1%, 62.9% and 62.7% respectively over the seven day period in question.

Kerry and Clare, meanwhile, had scores of 57% and 56% respectively.

Dublin continues to be the county with by far the highest rates of abiding by the restrictions, at 79.2%, although like everywhere else bar one county, that figure had fallen significantly, by a full percentage point from the previous week, as adherence begins to waver.

The current 5km restriction on exercise away from home is set to be relaxed to 20km from next Monday, April 12, with people similarly allowed travel the same distance across county boundaries from that date.